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Grand Opening of Lotus Healing Arts

May, 2008 * Solstice Center *

Dance Home Schedule for may:

May 6 (t)- Paul
May 13 (t)- Victor
May 20 (t)- Michael Jones May 27 (t)- Zoe
May 30 (f)- Dave W.

Grand Opening for Lotus Healing Arts

May 9, 2008 • 3-7pm
302 Pearl Street

We are celebrating the opening of a new healing center!

Dr. Lad, renowned Ayurvedic physician, will lead Agni Hotra fire ritual and a blessing ceremony, and will also offer a public talk on "spirituality in everyday life".

There will be an open house and tours of the new solar-heated facility.

The North end of the Building at 302 Pearl Street has just been substantially remodeled, and is now the home of both Boulder Ayurveda and BalanceWorks. The space has been designed to optimize passive solar performance and create a peaceful and healing environment. Varadaan, Founder of Boulder Ayurveda, is the primary designer of the remodel work, and is also the creator of the Solstice Center, the larger building in which Lotus Healing Arts resides. He is one of Dr. Lad’s advanced students and has been helping with the Ganesh Ayurveda Ashram project in Pune, India. Riitta Ojala, Founder of BalanceWorks, is Varadaan’s partner in business and life, and is co-founder of Lotus Healing Arts.

Boulder Ayurveda offers Ayurvedic Consultations, Products and Trainings, with a specialization on:

• Restoring doshic balance

• Custom herbal formulae

• Panchakarma cleansing therapy and digestion issues

• Accelerated trauma recovery, as well as pre and post surgical rejuvenation

• Sessions specific to mind and nervous system disorders

• Jyotish astrology

• Instruction in yoga asana, pranayama, meditation

• Guidance for spiritual development

Contact Varadaan 303.827.5823 for more information or to schedule a session

or visit www.boulderayurveda.com

BalanceWorks supports and facilitates the holistic healing of individuals, couples, families, groups and systems. BalanceWorks offers:

• Body-Centered Psychotherapy services for individuals, couples and families.

• Grief support groups

• Women’s empowerment groups

• Clinical supervision for LPC and ADTR licensures

• Moving Cycle Trainings

• GYROKINESIS® for groups and individuals

Contact Riitta Ojala MA, LPC, ADTR 303.443.1290 for more information or to schedule a session

or visit www.balanceworksboulder.com

Schedule for the day:

3:15 pm Dr Lad will perform Agni Hotra, the traditional Vedic fire ceremony purification ritual

4 pm Public talk on "Spirituality in Everyday Life"

5-6 pm Open House

6 pm Blessing Ritual for all attendees and the new space

It is recommended that you come early to the events, as space will be limited.

We plan to enjoy Prasad food after closing the blessing ritual.

You are welcome to bring prasad food offerings to share, but please do not bring food containing meat or eggs. Specifically recommended food items are fruit such as dates, bananas or apples, and cookies or baked goods that go well with chai.

As well, you are invited to make a financial offering of any amount, which will be shared equally between Dr. Lad's new clinic project in Pune, India - the Ganesh Ayurveda Ashram, and a fund used in Boulder to assist those who need help with the cost of their Ayurvedic medicine - the Ganesh Medicine Fund.

If you are interested in helping with set-up, cleaning up afterwards or in other ways, please contact Varadaan 303.827.5823

See you there!


Varadaan and Riitta


YOGA at Solstice

Yoga Weave, the new yoga class at Solstice Center is offering a FREE class for first timers to pleasurably increase integrity, fluidity and strength. Visit theintimateweave.com. Call 720.890.8880 (editor's note: Paul Russell is currently teaching Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:45 in the Skylight Room. Further class details can be found at http://www.theintimateweave.com/classes.html

Kama Yoga: Yoga with Kem Minnick meets early mornings in the Skylight Room from 6:15-7:15. Please call her for more information at 720.435.2430 or email at kemminnick@hotmail.com

top *****

No Charge! Introduction to The Feldenkrais Method® / Awareness Through Movement®
Saturday, May 24th, 10am-1pm
Contact: Erin at 720.284.4306 or see www.bodywisdomboulder.com

Lengthening the Spine: Effortless Support
Join me for an exploration of how dynamic support through the entire skeleton supports the low back, spine, arms and shoulders using two gentle, guided Awareness Through Movement® lessons. Time for discussion and Q&A.
No need to bring anything and no experience required.

Eight-week series starts Monday, June 2nd, 6:00pm. See www.bodywisdomboulder.com for more info.

top *****

Friday, May 2, 2008, in the Skylight Room:

The gateway to:
- Improved Physical Health
- Mental Clarity
-- Emotional Clearing
-- Opening the Heart
-- Deep spiritual Transformation
-- Deep Inner Peace
CONNECTED BREATHWORK is a simple yet beneficial technique for improved quality of life on many diverse levels! The Breath experience begins by entering sacred space that supports the opening of the heart. The participants set their intentions for the evening prior to breathing so that desires are focused, goals are clarified an intentions are set. The group then begins the journey into breath. A safe and supportive environment is secured for the participants by the experienced facilitator, Lynds Pickett, and her support staff.The Breath experience closes with participants sharing their sacred journeyh voluntarily within the cloistered privacy of the group, celebrating together.
Date: Friday, May 2, 2008

Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Place: Skylight Rm. Solstice Center, 302 Pearl St. Fee: $25--
Discount: $20 pre-paid or bring a friend for 1/2!
Bring: a pillow and blanket and an adventurous attitude
Dress: comfortably
QUESTIONS and Pre Register: Lynds 303-506-1772 http://WestwalkerCoaching.com --

Tantra connection presents: Monthly Pujas. Thursday, May 22, 7:00-9:00. There is NO COST. A Puja is a sacred ceremony used to honor the divine in everything. In our Puja-healing Circles we will gather in a safe environment to explore the depth of our hearts so that we can give and receive love to our fullest. No Cost! Contact Miwa at 303-530-0920

Schedule 7:00 Arive and mingle
7:15 - Doors close for Puja
8:15 - Tantra talk
8:45 Dance and Mingle



Circle of Hearts Fundraiser

Carla Salinas is raising money to help provide for medical care. A fundraising dance is planned for Saturday, May 10, from 7:00-10:00. Please contact Carla at 720-564-0408 for more details.


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